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How to Ease Homesickness for College Students

Melissa Dunderdale - July 2, 2024

Starting college is an exciting milestone, but it can also be challenging for many students. Talk ahead of time to let your student know feeling homesick is normal.

Here are some tips to help them navigate:

1.      Get Involved 🏫 – Encourage them to join clubs, sports, or other campus activities. Welcome week is a great time to meet new people and explore new things. Please encourage them to get involved those first few days…as hard as it is, don’t overstay.

2.      Stay Connected 💌 – It may be hard for them to find time to talk on the phone, but maintaining consistent contact can provide comfort. A real card with words of encouragement can mean the world to a homesick student. Our series of weekly encouraging cards was designed to help you support them through their college journey. Learn more about our weekly card program here.

3.      Stay Active 🏃‍♂️ – Physical activity can significantly boost their mood and reduce stress. There are so many opportunities on a new college campus to go the rec center, the gym or even walk outside.

4.      Seek Support 💬 – Many colleges offer counseling services for students struggling with homesickness and other issues. Encourage them to reach out to these resources if they need more support. We’ve compiled a list of resources here.

5.      Send Care Packages 🎁 – College students love snacks! Care packages filled study snacks, treats and stress relieving fidgets can brighten their day and make them feel loved. Our college care packages can include pictures of pets or siblings along with handwritten notes. (Shop care packages here)

6.      Be Patient ❤️ – Remind them that adjusting takes time and feeling homesick is okay. Please encourage them to be patient with themselves and to give it time.

7.      Get a Good Night’s Sleep 😴- Getting a good night’s sleep is super important.  It can be hard to get used to the new surroundings at first. 

College life can be stressful. A thoughtful package with encouraging notes, stress-relief items, or even practical supplies can help students feel supported and motivated. Knowing that someone believes in their success can be a powerful motivator.