Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, all semester and quarter plans run as recurring subscriptions based on the weeks of class. Our semester subscription will bill twice a year and our quarter subscriptions bill 3 times a year. You will be charged 3 weeks prior to classes starting until you cancel.  Please see the cancellation policy below.  

No worries! When you sign up in advance, our service is set-up to charge your credit card 3 weeks before your student’s first week of classes. Reminder, if you have multiple students, these will all be separate charges based on the start dates of the schools they attend.

Once you sign up, you can login to access your Dashboard where you can personalize your weekly message, update your default messages, edit your profile, and edit your student’s address.You can personalize anytime between Wednesday and the following Tuesday evening when the cards are sent to the printer. We will also provide a weekly “last call” text message to remind you to personalize. For this service, just provide us with your mobile number and click the box ‘check for SMS reminders.’ This is found in your Dashboard under ‘Profile’ when you click ‘Edit Info’ ~ make sure you click ‘Save.’ *Note: Message & data rates may apply.

Cards2College inspirational quotes and motivational messages are of a general uplifting content not meant to hold any religious or political undertones. We strive to motivate and inspire your college students in the most neutral manner with the utmost respect for everyone!

Welcome friend to our Cards2College family! It’s NEVER too late to sign up your student! Based on the start of classes and how many weeks of cards your student missed, your initial subscription will automatically be pro-rated for those missed cards. (This $4/week pro-ration will be reflected only on your credit card charge.) Please note coupon codes cannot be applied to pro-rated subscription plans. 

No problem! Just update your student’s information in your Dashboard’s home page in the ‘My Student’ box to make sure their weekly letter gets to its final destination. In the meantime, you can also fill out a ‘mail forwarding request’ at the post office so their weekly letter will follow them throughout their college journey! Bonus: Since the letters have your return address, you will know if they are not delivered and you can login to your Dashboard to update their address ASAP!

Bon Voyage! No worries! We’ve made this as easy as possible. Just think of your default messages as pre-scheduled messages and update them for the next three weeks. Your student will receive a new message each week. They won’t even know you’ve been away! Safe travels!

How exciting! Just click ‘Sign Up’ or ‘Get Started’ and follow all the prompts where it will give you the option to ‘Add Another Student’ until all your students are added, and then you can proceed to checkout. Once you login to your Dashboard, you’ll have access to each student you have a subscription for all in one easy to find location allowing you to update information easily and quickly.

Awesome! What a great idea! All you do is go into your Dashboard’s home page and click ‘Edit Details’ in the ‘My Subscription’ box where you can easily upgrade your plan! Your credit card will be charged the difference. Moving forward, all future subscriptions will be updated to the new plan and your credit card will be charged accordingly.

We know what it’s like and that’s why we are only sending our newsletter out once a month. We may offer special deals on our care packages or bonus offers exclusively to our newsletter subscribers. It can’t hurt to try it…you can always click unsubscribe!

If you are using the sign-up form, scroll to the bottom and add your school. Make sure you input the start date of your classes for whatever session you are signing up for. Please e-mail us at so that we can add your school as a resource on our College Resource page.

Fabulous! Try one of our Theme packs which are great all occasion encouragement cards for people of all ages! 

Your subscription will automatically renew 3 weeks prior to the start date of classes. If you would like to cancel, please update your subscription in the ‘Subscription Details’ section of your Dashboard prior to that time. Once your subscription starts, we will not be able to provide a refund. However, we are happy to allow unused funds to be put towards any future subscriptions.

Fantastic! Please reach out to us at and we will be more than happy to address each question!

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