We donate a portion of our profits each year to benefit mental health programs.

Send your college student weekly, ENCOURAGING CARDS & CARE PACKAGES!

Custom cards encourage your student through each week of college. Thoughtful, inspirational quotes and motivational messages will be printed in a genuinely handwritten font along with your personal weekly message! We print, stamp and mail for you! We also have a selection of encouraging care packages to support your students!

Staying connected is quick and easy!

How It Works

Easy to Sign Up!

Sign up from your computer, tablet or phone!

Add your personal message!

Cards are printed in a handwritten font, stamped and mailed weekly!

No more empty mailboxes!

Your student gets real mail each week to encourage them through their college journey!

Our Card & Care Package Plans

Classes started?  We automatically prorate your plan based on the start date of classes.

*   All card plans are recurring subscriptions-semesters bill twice a year and quarters bill three times a year.

Theme Packs

4 unique cards sent over 4 consecutive weeks for $25 per pack.


Bible based quotes & messages to encourage, motivate, or support your loved one!


Great for someone needing to hear “You are wonderful!”

Thinking of you

General quotes & inspirational messages to stay connected to friends or family!


General quotes & uplifting messages for any occasion with covers created by a college student artist!

Testimonials & Endorsements

Here's What Students, Families, And Mentors Say About Us