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College Years-The Gray

Melissa Dunderdale - March 15, 2021

When kids go off to college and bounce from home to dorm to apartment to back home again, it can be very unsettling. Change isn’t always comfortable and for many they have a hard time adjusting. The minute they are comfortable, and that new place starts to feel a little like home…it’s time to pack it all up and start over again. 

So, to all the college students feeling the pangs of leaving the nest…but not quite having a permanent place to call home…I hear you.  It’s hard. It’s uncomfortable for sure.  But…it’s also temporary…and soon enough you’ll find yourself on the other side and look back and smile. 

Until then…here’s a little perspective on the gray- in-between- middle sort of place you’re in.

There’s a place between then and now it’s called the in between. There’s a color between black and white it’s called Gray. There is somewhere between where you are and where you hope to be called the middle

It’s not a place people are comfortable for very long.  But perhaps it’s all in perspective.  After all, you’re not at the finish line, but you’ve left the starting gate.  You’re the epitome of half glass full or empty. It’s all in how you choose to look at it. 

The middle isn’t a place anyone aspires to be, but through which everyone must pass to get to the place they are going. 

The gray can have beauty all its own. 

The in between can be a resting place for the weary.  

The middle has lessons you must learn for the journey ahead. 

It’s not a destination, but a midpoint, where you can look back and see how far you’ve come, without being overwhelmed with how far you still must go.  

The gray, the in between, the middle…the place that tests how badly you want what is ahead of you.  A place that requires all your courage, for often it is easier to turn back to a place you have been…then to travel bravely to destinations unknown. Good luck on your journey!