Sleep Well Care Package




This limited edition box is designed to promote a good night’s sleep. The box is curated around the Sleep Tight Cards. The bedtime meditation and mindfulness cards propose 45 different guiding exercises that will help you relax and ease the falling asleep process. Also includes:

  • Sleep Tight Cards
  • Bath and Body Works Lavender Vanilla Pillow and Body Mist-5.3 fl oz.
  • 10″ Fuzzy Pillow
  • Head Massager
  • Fuzzy Socks
  • Daily Planner/Pen
  • Mini Happiness Journal
  • Cooling Eye Mask
  • Sleep Mask
  • Boom Chicka Pop Popcorn
  • Quaker Instant Oatmeal Bowl
  • Tazo Calm Chamomile Tea
  • Stroopwafel Snack (2)
  • Pillow Mints



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Do you know we also have a program to send weekly encouraging cards?

Do you know we also have a plan to send weekly encouraging cards?