Girl’s Night In Box


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Looking for a fun care package to send as we head into fall? This box has a little bit of everything. Super popular sheet masks, the throwback MASH game, movie night accessories, and so much more! You can even include a  gift card for a favorite pizza place! (Feel free to message if you’re looking for a specific one!)

Here’s what’s included:

• FaceTory Collection Facial Masks (5 total)
• Learn How to Crayoligraphy Book
• 10 Ct Crayola Markers
• Word Search Puzzle Book
• Sudoku puzzle Book
• State or Mind/State of Attitude Board
• MASH Game Notepad
• Microwave Popcorn 3ct/bx
• 2 Popcorn Containers-Plastic
• Mug Treat-Vanilla with Sprinkles
• Jolly Rancher Gummies
• Twizzlers
• Chex Mix
• Popcorners

If you’re looking for suggested add-ons: adult coloring book w/ colored pencils, personalized ThermoFlask, or any of the fun fidgets!



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Do you know we also have a program to send weekly encouraging cards?

Do you know we also have a plan to send weekly encouraging cards?